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How to Create and Manage Labels in Bits: A Guide for Stand-Up Comedians

Managing your stand-up comedy material can be daunting, especially when you're juggling multiple bits and ideas that need organization. That's where Bits, an innovative iOS app designed for stand-up comedians, steps in to make your writing and organizing process smoother.

In this guide, we'll walk you through how to create and manage labels in Bits, helping you keep your comedy writing sharp and accessible.

Creating Your First Label

Labels are a fantastic way to categorize your stand-up bits, making them easier to find and organize. Whether you're sorting by theme, mood, or the stage of development, here’s how you can start labeling your bits:

  1. Locate the Labels Icon: Open the Bits app and look for the labels icon at the top of your screen. This icon becomes visible once you've added your first bit.

  2. Access the Labels Screen: Tap on the labels icon to open the labels screen.

  3. Add Your Label:If you haven’t created any labels yet, you’ll see a red button labeled "Add your first label." Tap on it, enter the name of your new label, and then select "Done" to create it.
    If you already have labels, you’ll find an "Add label" button at the top of your labels list. Tap it, name your new label, and then tap "Done."

Managing Labels and Bits

After creating labels, you might want to organize your bits or create new ones within these categories. Here’s how:

  • Naming Your Label: In the label screen, tap "Untitled label" to give your label a specific name.

  • Adding New Bits to a Label: Tap the red plus button to create a new bit within this label.

  • Organizing Bits Under a Label: Select "Manage" to see a list of your bits. From here, you can choose which bits to associate with this label. If you want to remove a bit from a label, simply swipe left on the bit and tap "Remove."

  • Deleting a Label: Should you need to delete a label, swipe left on it in the labels list and tap the X button. Please note, this action cannot be undone.

Exiting the Labels Screen

To return to the main screen of the app, tap the X icon at any time to exit the labels screen.


For stand-up comedians, Bits offers a streamlined way to manage your comedy writing, ensuring your material is organized and easily accessible. By effectively using labels, you can sort your stand-up bits in a way that best suits your workflow, making preparation for open mic nights or comedy shows less stressful. Dive into Bits, and let it transform the way you approach your stand-up comedy career.

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